a gathering space for collaboration and support

Drugs, Policy and Practice in Canada.

Communities across Canada continue to struggle in the midst of drug poisoning and policy and people who use drugs continue to be criminalized and marginalized within systems of health, social care and economic support.

It is during crises such as these where diverse communities must come together to share knowledge and build networks of mutual support to tackle the daunting challenges that lay ahead. Stimulus is Canada’s harm reduction and drug policy gathering space for collaboration and support.

About Us

The Stimulus National Implementation and Planning (SNIP) Committee’s purpose is to support the planning and implementation of Stimulus: Drugs, Policy and Practice in Canada by representing your communities (which includes organizations where necessary); connect your communities with Stimulus and related opportunities; active participation in committee meetings and activities; providing advice, information and support; and other related support as needed.

Members are encouraged to support additional people with living/lived experience in attending with them on the videoconference wherever possible. In general, meetings are held monthly by videoconference as called by the co-chairs.

Our committee consists of representatives from: 

About the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition

The Canadian Drug Policy Coalition (CDPC) is a coalition of 50 organizations and 4,000 individuals working to support the development of progressive drug policy grounded in science, guided by public health principles, and respectful of human rights. The CDPC operates as a project within Simon Fraser University under the Centre for Applied Research in Addiction and Mental Health. The CDPC seeks to include people who use drugs and those harmed by the war on drugs in moving toward a healthier Canadian society free of stigma and social exclusion.