Stimulus Connect 14: Drug Decrim Canada
September 23, 2021

It’s time to decriminalize drugs across Canada. The Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs (CAPUD) is suing Canada to remove criminal penalties on drug use!

In response to the ongoing overdose epidemic that has killed tens of thousands of Canadians, CAPUD is suing the Government of Canada to remove the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) penalties (decriminalize), all forms of drug possession, and some forms of drug trafficking. These criminal penalties create various harms for people who use drugs (PWUD) and prevent PWUDs from accessing medical treatment and harm reduction.

The Legal Case

CAPUD is seeking to have all references to drug possession struck from the CDSA. CAPUD and the co-plaintiffs are also seeking to have references to drug trafficking (the sale of drugs) interpreted to remove trafficking when a PWUD sells drugs due to necessity. Necessity might include situations where a PWUD sells a supply they have that they know is safe or when they sell solely to make enough money to support themselves.

Full decriminalization across Canada for several drug activities (possession and necessity trafficking) is needed to stop the deadly epidemic. Read their Notice of Civil Claim.

Please consider donating to this cause to help support CAPUD and these brave individuals with this litigation or sharing this gofundme page to spread the word about the action and the movement for drug decriminalization. To learn more, please go to or watch for the hashtag #DrugDecrimCanada on social media.

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