Stimulus Connect 21: Harm Reduction in Québec
November 29, 2022

The portrait of harm reduction in Quebec stands out from the rest of Canada, from the language barrier, to the culture, and the unique relationship the province has with the federal government. Join us on November 29 to learn about different perspectives from harm reductionists who work in the field in Quebec. 

This session is specifically designed for people living in Quebec, francophones, and communities in the rest of Canada who want to learn more about the realities of harm reduction and decrim in Quebec.


French Resources:

    1. Soutien clinique et organisationnel en dépendance et itinérance  (Clinical and organizational support in addiction and homelessness
    2. Outils cliniques et formations (Clinical tools and training)
    3. Approviseionnement plus: Sécuritaire de stimulants (More Secure Supply: Safe Supply of Stimulants)


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